Understanding the Dashboard


The Qualaroo dashboard is the first screen you'll see when you log into your account. This interface is your starting point for creating, managing, and analyzing your surveys. This guide will provide you with a clear understanding of the dashboard's features and functionalities, ensuring you can navigate it efficiently and make the most of your Qualaroo experience. 


Using the Qualaroo dashboard, you can:

  • Gain an overview of essential aspects related to your Qualaroo account.
  • Analyze the overall stats of your Qualaroo surveys.



Here’s what the Qualaroo dashboard look like:


QLR dashboard


The following are all of the components you’ll have access to from your dashboard:


1.  Click the "Create New" button at the top right of your dashboard to access options for creating a new nudge, NPS survey, Lead generation form, Mobile survey, or an Overlay.


Note: The options available within this area can vary based on your plan.


create new


You can create a nudge from scratch or use a template on the next screen. Please go through the How to Create a Nudge article.


Creating a new Nudge


2. This dashboard area indicates the top-level domain name and will show the data corresponding to the domain.


Domain and its settings


3. The “Site Settings” options allow you to enable integrations included within your current subscription.


Accessing Site Settings of a particular domain


4. The “Install Code” area allows you to access the JavaScript associated with your domain. Please read the instructions on how to add the Javascript snippet.


Pasting the code in website source code or GTM


5. The “Your Surveys & Nudges” area lists all of your active and paused surveys. “Active” surveys are currently live on your website. “Paused” surveys are not presently active on your website, but you can still edit them and access their collected data.


6. The “Archived Survey” area includes all surveys you are no longer running on your website and doesn’t plan to review the responses or any other survey aspect.

If you wish to export the data or make changes to the survey, you’ll need to move it to your dashboard as a paused survey.


Surveys in different states visible on the dashboard


7. The “More Button” gives you easy access to all areas of the particular survey.




  • The "EDIT" option takes you to the survey editor.
  •  The "TARGETING" option lets you decide the targeting aspects of the survey.
  • The "CLONE" option allows you to copy your survey’s content, targeting, and design. You can also export the CSV of responses, archive, report, and generate sample responses.
  • The “EXPORT” option lets you export the survey report (from a specific time) in CSV format to any email address. 
  • The “SHOW SURVEY” option lets you preview your survey on your targeted URL.
NOTE: This option works only when the survey is activated and is not supported for In-App Nudges.
  • The “ARCHIVE” option allows you to remove the unused survey from the dashboard and later enable it when required.



8. The “Preview” option allows you to go through your survey experience without affecting the view count and responses within the reporting.




9. This area gives you an overview of the activity within your account. This information indicates how old the survey is, starting from the day it was created (not the day you enabled it on your site). How many responses has your survey collected, how many views or “impressions” has your survey had, and what is the response rate?


Overview of activity


That is all about the Qualaroo dashboard.



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