How to Create an ‘Email Collector’ & ‘Call to Action’ Overlay


In Qualaroo, you can leverage customizable ‘Email collector’ and ‘Call to Action’ overlays to collect email addresses from prospects and build a comprehensive email list. This help article will guide you through the steps to create these overlays effectively.


You can capture email via:


  • Email Collector as a Two-screen overlay

  • Call to Action as a  Single screen overlay


By creating an Email collector and Call to Action overlay, you can:


  • Take your visitors to a specific URL.

  • Design engaging and attractive overlays.

  • Increase your conversion rate.


Here is what an ‘Email collector’ and ‘CTA’ overlays look like:


Email Collector Overlay


Email Collector Overlay


CTA Overlay


Call-to-action Overlay



In this article, you’ll learn:


1. How to Create an Email Collector Overlay

2. How to Create a Call to Action Overlay


 How to Create an Email Collector Overlay


Step 1: On the Qualaroo dashboard, click on ‘Create New.’


Create New Survey


Step 2: Select ‘Email collector’ from the options.


email collector


Step 3: Enter the target URL or select the existing domain from the dropdown list and click on ‘CREATE.’


target url for nudge


Step 4: On the email collection screen:

  • Select the background image and icon color.


image upload option


  • Fill in the required fields on the email collector overlay screen.


Input details in the field


Your ‘email collection’ screen will appear as shown below.


Email Collector Overlay


Step 5: On the Thank you screen page:

  • Upload an image for the background.


Add image for Thank you Screen


  • Edit the button text, color, and background.




Your ‘Thank you’ screen will appear like this:


Thank you Screen


 How to Create a Call to Action Overlay


Step 1: On the dashboard:

  • Click ‘Create New' and select ‘Call to Action.’


Select Call to Action


  • Enter the target URL and click ‘Create.’


Step 2: Select the background image/color and icon color.


Customize the Screen


Step 3: Enter button text and target URL. You can also select the color for the button and background.


Edit button text and color


Your Call to Action overlay will appear as shown below.


Call to action Overlay


Your overlay for the Email collector and Call to Action is ready for targeting.


Image Upload Recommendations


We don’t provide any limits on file size for the Nudge Overlay backgrounds, but we do have a few recommendations for creating these images that will result in them loading correctly:

  • Utilize a 72 DPI resolution for optimal display on various devices.
  • Maintain image dimensions of 500px by 331px to prevent unwanted compression.
  • Opt for PNG or GIF formats over JPG, PSD, or TIFF for clearer rendering and smaller file sizes.
  • Avoid apostrophes in file names to prevent overlay image display issues.


That is all about creating an Email Collector or Call to Action Overlay. To learn about all the targeting options, please visit this section in the Help Center.



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