How to Create a Link Survey


Link surveys let you engage with your audience beyond your website. By sharing a survey URL, you can gather valuable feedback from customers or audiences who might not visit your site.


Here’s what your survey will look like upon clicking the link:


Link Survey Preview



With link surveys, you can:


  • Target specific customers such as recent purchasers or newsletter subscribers from your mailing list.

  • Reach your audience without them actually visiting your site.

  • Share the survey through any platform using the shareable link.


To Create a Link Survey


Step 1: Click on ‘Create New’ on the Qualaroo dashboard.


Creating a new survey


Step 2: Select 'Link Nudge.’


Selecting Link Nudge


You can either choose a template or create it from scratch.


Step 3: In the edit section: 


  • Enter the question text.

Question Text



Selecting an Answer type


  • Enter answer choices.


answer option


  • Proceed to TARGETING.




Step 4: Select the display and the preferred email notification frequency from the drop-down list in the Targeting section.


display and notification option


Step 5: Click DESIGN to continue. 




Step 6: Select a color scheme for the nudge and other design elements. 


customize nudge appearance


Step 7: Upload the logo to your survey.


Upload logo


Step 8: Click on Save and Activate.


Your link survey is ready to be shared.     


Step 9: Go to LINKS on the Qualaroo dashboard.


Opening Link Surveys


Step 11: Copy the survey link. Now, you can send it to the respondents via mail or SMS, post it on social media, or paste it on your webpage.


survye link


That's all about creating a link survey. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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