How to Add Your Qualaroo Code to Segment

Send data from Qualaroo to Segment by configuring the source & destination in your Segment account and adding code from Qualaroo to the appropriate field in Segment.


Adding Qualaroo code to Segment lets you:


  • Access advanced response segmentation and analysis

  • Customize marketing emails with Nudge responses.

  • Create a backup of your data.



1. A Segment account

2. A Qualaroo account


The integration is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Add source and destination in the Segment account

Part 2: Add Qualaroo Code to Segment

Part 3: View Data Sent from Qualaroo


Part 1: Add Source and Destination in the Segment account


Adding Source


1. In your Segment account, go to Sources under Connections on the left pane. 


2. Click + Add Source. You will be redirected to the Catalog page.



3. Choose Javascript as the source.


Add Javascript as the Source


4. Fill in the required details on the Source setup page. Give your source a name, add a label, and mention the website URL where you will run the Qualaroo nudge. Click Add Source to finish.


Add Source details on the Source Setup page


5. Click Copy Snippet to copy the Segment snippet, which you will paste into the <head> of your website in the next part.


Copy Segment Snippet


Adding Destination


After adding the source, you must add the destination.


1. Go to Destinations on the left pane. 


2. Click + Add destination. You will be redirected to the Catalog page.


3. Search for Qualaroo in the search bar and choose Qualaroo. Next, click Add Destination.


4. Select the source you just added to connect with Qualaroo and click Next.


Select source to connect to Qualaroo


5. Add the destination name and select the setup mode from the dropdown. Click Create Destination.


Set up the Destination


6. Configure the settings of the newly added destination. 

  • Click to activate the destination.
  • Copy the Customer ID and Site Token from the Qualaroo account and paste them into their respective fields.
  • Turn on Record Events to Qualaroo


Configure the destination setting


View Tracker Report


After adding the script to the target website's header tag and connecting Qualaroo to the Segment, you can check the data sent from Qualaroo to the Segment.


1. Go to ConnectionsSources.

2. Choose a source.

3. Click Debugger.


View the data sent from Qualaroo


NOTE: The Qualaroo and Segment JavaScript are domain-specific. If you have multiple domains, you must use the correct code for each domain.


You can learn more about Segment Qualaroo integration on their website.


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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