How to Add Your Qualaroo Code to Segment


Adding the Qualaroo code to Segment is simple and only requires Customer ID & Site Token.


Adding Qualaroo code to Segment lets you:


  • Access advanced response segmentation and analysis

  • Customize marketing emails with Nudge responses.

  • Create a backup of your data.


To Add Your Qualaroo Code to Segment:


Step 1: Navigate to your added site on the Qualaroo dashboard and click “Settings.”


Site settings


Step 2: In the modal,


  • Activate the toggle button next to “Send Qualaroo events and response data to Segment.” 
  • Copy the Customer ID and Site token
  • Click Save.


Enable the settings: Send Qualaroo events and responses data to Segment


NOTE: The Qualaroo and Segment JavaScript are domain-specific. If you have multiple domains, you must use the correct code for each domain.


You can learn more about Segment Qualaroo integration on their website.


That is all about adding the Qualaroo code to Segment.



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