How to Install JavaScript on Shopify Store


Adding Qualaroo custom code to your Shopify theme allows you to display the Qualaroo Nudge on your online store. With this, you have the flexibility to tailor your theme to meet your specific requirements and capture customer insights seamlessly.


Businesses can benefit by installing the Qualaroo JavaScript on Shopify in the following ways:


  • Get prompt feedback from the customers on the overall shopping experience.

  • Act on the feedback by implementing the required changes on the website.


To Add the Qualaroo JavaScript on Shopify:


Step 1: On your Qualaroo dashboard, navigate to your added website and click “INSTALL CODE.” 


Click Install Code to initiate the JavaScript installation process


Step 2: On the Install Qualaroo Tracking Code page, select the “Paste code in website source code or GTM” option.


Select Paste Code in Website Source Code or GTM




Copy the JavaScript Code


Step 4: Open your Shopify store, go to Online Store > Themes.




Step 5: Click the Ellipsis (More button) and select "Edit code" from the menu.


Template Editor


Step 6: Go to "theme.liquid," and paste the Qualaroo code either after the opening <body> tag or before the closing </body> tag in the code editor. Click "Save" when done. 


NOTE: This may be called something different depending on your theme.


Paste the code


NOTE: Please note that the Qualaroo code will not be added to the first two pages of the checkout process but will be added to the success page after checkout has been completed. Shopify has set up its system for security reasons, and it's not something Qualaroo can modify.


That is all about adding Qualaroo JavaScript to Shopify.



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