How to Configure Opt-out and Do Not Track Settings for Users


The Opt-out option in Qualaroo allows users to block cookie tracking with its dedicated opt-out URL. Users can also opt for the Do Not Track option for Qualaroo cookies on supported browsers.


Disabling cookie tracking can enable users to:


  • Protect their privacy.

  • Safeguard personal information.


In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to enable the Opt-out option 

  2. How to enable the Do not track option


How to enable the Opt-out option 


Step 1:  Go to the EDIT section.


Step 2: Select the checkbox in front of the “Display a description” option.


Edit the description  


Step 3: Enter the markdown syntax “[Opt-out](” in the description box to add the option to opt-out.


Enter the required markdown syntax


The Opt-out link will appear on the nudge, as shown below. The user can opt out by clicking on this link.


Opt-out Link Preview   


Once the user navigates to the Opt-Out URL, they will be prompted to click on the “Disable Qualaroo” button. This will set a cookie called “DNT=1” on, which JavaScript will detect via 3rd-party cookies.



1. Once the Opt-Out is enabled, Qualaroo will no longer store the anonymous ID associated with responses on the user's browser. Surveys will continue to display as usual.

2. Also, clearing your cookies, running in incognito/private mode, or using a different browser will enable tracking again.


How to enable the “Do not track” option


Qualaroo also supports the Do Not Track option available in commonly used web browsers. 


Here is how you can enable Do Not Track for browsers listed below:




Step 1: In the top right corner of your browser, click on the Three dot menu (kebab menu) to open Settings.


Go to Settings


Step 2: Select "Cookies and other site data " under “Privacy and security.”  


Privacy and security


Step 3: Enable the “Do Not Track” option.


Enable "Do not track" option


Step 4:  Click on Confirm to enable the option.






Step 1: Go to Safari and click on Preferences.


Go to Preferences


Step 2: Select the checkbox in front of the “Prevent cross-site tracking” option. 


Select the "Do not track" option


Click here to find the compatibility of the Opt-out & Do Not Track option on your browser.


That is all about the Opt-out & Do Not Track option.



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