How to Automatically Collect Feedback From Zendesk Tickets When Marked as Resolved

This article will show your Customer Success team how to create a feedback workflow with Zendesk, Zapier, and Qualaroo so feedback can be collected when a ticket is solved.

Here's an example email to give you an idea of the end goal. It’s automatically sent when a Zendesk ticket is closed.


Preview of collecting feedback after the ticket is closed


How to Automatically Collect Feedback From Zendesk Tickets When Marked as Solved


Step 1: Creating a Zap with Webhook in Zapier

  • Log in to your Zapier account and click “+ Create Zap.” The first step in your zap should be a webhook:


Webhooks by Zapier

  • Select “Catch Hook” from the trigger event and click Continue.


Catch Hook

  • Copy the webhook URL.


Webhook URL


Step 2: Creating an HTTP Target in Zendesk

  • Click Settings on the left navbar.

  • Go to the Zendesk product icon and click Admin Center.


Admin Center

  • Go to Apps and Integration and click Targets.


Apps and Integrations

  • Click Add target >> URL target.


URL Target

  • Paste the webhook URL in the field.

  • Select Method as POST.

  • Make sure “Test target” is selected.

  • Click Submit.


Enter details


Step 3: Checking the Webhook in Zapier

  • Click Test Trigger.

  • Click Continue.


Test Trigger


Step 4: Adding a Filter step

  • Click Filter.


Add Filter

  • Select filter options and click Continue.


Select Filter Options


Step 5: Zendesk action

  • Select Zendesk.



  • Connect your Zendesk accounts.


Connect Zendesk Accounts

  • Choose Account and click Continue.


Choose account

  • Enter the tickets & tags and click Continue to turn on your Zap.


Turn on your Zap


Step 6: Creating a Gmail action in Zapier

  • Select Gmail.


Create a Gmail Action in Zapier

  • Select Action event as Send Email and click Continue.


Action Event

  • Fill in the form fields under Set up Action.


Finally, it’s time to set up the email template.


Before we do, though, let’s create the survey you’ll be sending.


Suggested Qualaroo Survey


1. Create a Link survey

2. Add the first question, “How would you rate your {{ Company }} support experience?”


It should be a radio option type:

  • Option 1: Good, I am happy

  • Option 2: Bad, I am not happy

  1. Feel free to create branching with follow-up questions based on their response.

  2. Save it.

  3. Copy the link from the dashboard.


Setting up the template in Zapier


In Zapier, you can add variables pulled from the test data we sent them in Step #2.


Simply expand the options with the icon to the right of the input and find the value you need.


In the “To” field, enter the requester’s email address.


Add variables

  • Fill in all the required fields and others you may want to.

  • Then select HTML for the body type and paste it into the HTML template we use. You can snag it at the bottom of this article.


After you paste in the HTML, make sure you edit the following:

  • Company name

  • Link Survey Base Url

  • Zapier Requester variable (use the drop-down in Zapier to quickly fill this in)

  • Zapier Zendesk ID variable

  • Zapier Subject variable


Step 7: Creating a Trigger

  • Go to the Zendesk product icon and click Admin Center.


Zendesk Admin Center

  • Go to Objects and rules and click Triggers.


Objects and rules

  • Click “Add trigger.”


Add Trigger



  • Enter the trigger name, description, and category in the required field.


Enter details

  • Set the following preferences under “Meet ALL.”


Set preferences

  • Select the preferences and copy the following JSON code in the message box. Click Create when done.



Copy JSON code



That is all about automatically collecting feedback from Zendesk tickets after they are marked as resolved.



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