Optimizing Survey Usage for Responsive Websites


If you have a responsive website, you must create two surveys -- one for web visitors and one for mobile visitors. Both surveys can have the same target URL, content, and other configurations, and you don't need to add more JavaScript to your site.


Automatic Detection of Visitor's Browser:


Qualaroo will automatically detect a visitor's browser and serve the appropriate survey.


NOTE: The mobile component is an add-on you must purchase in addition to our Insights product. To learn more about the mobile add-on, visit this section. 


Why Desktop Surveys Don't Appear in Mobile Browsers?


Desktop surveys are not optimized for mobile devices. The primary reason behind this is the substantial difference in user experience between mobile and desktop environments. From screen size and readability to content visibility, the expectations of users greatly vary across devices. This is where you need to create a mobile survey add-on comes into play. 


To learn more about the mobile add-on, please visit this page



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