How to Customize the Mobile Screener/Opt-in Trigger for Surveys


The mobile screener/opt-in trigger is an optional screen you can add to your mobile survey to allow your site visitors to opt-in to the survey.


It's recommended best practice to add a screener if you're running a mobile survey.


Adding a mobile screener lets you:


  • Invite users to take the survey without interrupting their browsing experience.

  • Disqualify irrelevant respondents from the survey.


Here's what a mobile survey with the opt-in trigger looks like:


Opt-in Trigger


How to Add and Customize the Opt-in Trigger


Step 1: Navigate to the ‘Screener’ tab after editing your mobile survey.


Step 2: Check the box next to ‘Display a screener.’


Open Screener Tab


Step 3: Edit the screener headline, body & CTA text.


Customize the Screener


Step 4: You can use Qualaroo branding or add your logo.


Add custom logo


NOTE: A live preview is available on the right part of your screen to check the changes you make in real time.


That is all about mobile screener in Qualaroo mobile survey.



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