Do I Need to Use Different JavaScript if I Want to Run a Mobile Survey?


For the most part, no. Qualaroo JavaScript will work seamlessly on the mobile version of your website.


However, there is one case where you may need to use different JavaScript.


Here are the most common categories that websites fall into:

  • You do not need to use other JavaScript if you have a responsive website.
  • If your mobile page/site is on a sub-domain of your regular site or domain (e.g.,, you do not need to use a different code snippet. Simply make sure to indicate the sub-domain in the Simple URL targeting section.
  • If your mobile page/site is on its own unique domain that is different from your regular site or domain (e.g.,, then and only then will you need to use another code snippet.


While you cannot have multiple domains on our Essentials plan, we do support multiple domains on our Premium and Enterprise plans. For any queries or questions, please write to us at



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