How to Add Qualaroo SDK to Your Android/iOS App Using Flutter


Qualaroo SDK allows you to add a popup survey for your customers on your Android/iOS apps. By integrating the Qualaroo SDK into your platform, you can collect detailed insights and valuable feedback to understand your users better.


Here’s how the survey appears on your Android/iOS device using Qualaroo SDK: 


nudge preview in mobile app



By integrating Qualaroo SDK using Flutter, you can:


  • Quickly integrate Chat SDK with pre-written code

  • Offer better scalability for a large user base

  • Use it with a single codebase for platforms like Android or iOS


To Add Qualaroo SDK to Your Android/iOS App


Step 1: Adding the Dependency


Open your code editor and navigate to the file "pubspec.yaml" within your Flutter directory. In this file, define the Qualaroo SDK dependency as follows:


qualaroo_flutter: 0.0.2


add dependency


Step 2: Installing Qualaoo SDK


Navigate to your project directory to download the package and run the following command in your terminal:


flutter pub get


installing Qualaroo sdk


Step 3: Setting up SDK


Import Qualaroo flutter SDK using:


import 'package:qualaroo_flutter/qualaroo_flutter.dart';


setting up sdk


To Set SDK For iOS


Navigate to the iOS directory and run the command:


pod install


setting up sdk in ios


NOTE: Make sure your ios/Podfile contains:


target 'Runner' do
  pod 'Qualaroo', :git => '', :tag => '1.14.8'


Step 4: Usage


Import the Qualaroo flutter plugin into your code:


import 'package:qualaroo_flutter/qualaroo_flutter.dart';


SDK usage


final _qualarooFlutterPlugin = QualarooFlutter();
//In order to be able to use Qualaroo SDK you need to initialize it first.
//Display survey with a given alias:
//Set unique user id
//Set user property "name" to "Hal"
_qualarooFlutterPlugin.setUserProperty("name", "Hal");
//remove property "name"
//You can set the preferred language that you want to use when displaying surveys.


Once the Qualaroo Flutter plugin is imported successfully, the survey will display on your Android/ iOS devices.



That's all about adding Qualaroo SDK to the Android/iOS App Using Flutter. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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