How to Target a Survey With a Simple URL


In Qualaroo, you can easily target your survey to the desired webpage using a simple URL. This feature actively targets static pages of the website, disregarding protocols and query strings.


Simple URL targeting of a Qualaroo Nudge


Benefits of targeting your survey with a simple URL:

  • Let you target non-dynamic portions of your website

  • Collect user feedback from critical pages of your website


In this article, you’ll learn:


1. How to target your entire website

2. How to target a specific subdomain

3. How to target sections or pages

4. How to target a specific URL


 To Target Your Entire Website


Step 1: Select the “Use a Simple URL” option.


Step 2:  Enter the target website URL followed by /(path) and *(asterisk).


tageting by simple url


All pages on your site, including all subdomains, will be targeted—the asterisk (*) at the end of the URL means “anything after this.”


Note: You may notice that if you add “” as the URL, the “www” portion is stripped out. It happens automatically, and Qualaroo knows to target “” and “” if both are available. 

If you don’t specify a subdomain, then the survey will be targeted to any matching page on all subdomains.


 To Target a Specific Subdomain


A subdomain is a subset of a website, like or You can target a single subdomain on your site in the Simple URL field. 


Step 1: Select the “Use a Simple URL” option.


Step 2: Enter the subdomain in the textbox.


target subspecific domain


For example


 To Target Sections or Pages


Targeting a subsection of your website, like or[product ID]/view is easy.

Step 1: Select the “Use a Simple URL” option.


Step 2: Enter the target section or page of the URL in the textbox.


target subsection


For example--  


 To Target a Specific URL


If you only want to target a specific URL, like a particular blog post or product, enter the exact URL without the asterisk. An example is The survey will be shown only on that page.


Step 1: Select the “Use a Simple URL” option.


Step 2: Enter the specific URL you want to target in the textbox.


target specific URL


For example 


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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