Understanding the Targeting Section


After creating a nudge, you move to the targeting section, where you can precisely control when, where, and to whom the nudge is shown.


E-commerce businesses can specifically target their mobile users to get responses to an upcoming feature update to the mobile app and what their customers would expect from them.



Here's what a Qualaroo Survey will look like on the targeted page:


Qualaroo Survey Targeting


Benefits of understanding the targeting section:


  • Get an overview of different survey nudge-triggering options

  • Quickly manage the settings when necessary

  • Get feedback from the visitors you're most interested in

  • Boost survey response rate


Below is an overview of the targeting section:


Preview of the Targeting Section


In this article, you’ll learn:


1. Where should this nudge appear?

2. Who should be prompted to provide feedback?

3. When should the nudge be displayed?

4. How often should the nudge be shown?

5. How long should the nudge be shown?


 Where should this nudge appear?


It lets you decide the web pages to show the nudge on. You can target with a Simple URL or an Advanced URL with Regular Expressions.


where section


 Who should be prompted to provide feedback?


This section helps you target visitors' traits and behaviors who come to the parts of your site indicated in the "WHERE" section.


This section is divided into three areas: targeting by behavior, technology, and advanced options.


who targeting


Also, you can enable a sideform on your page by checking the box to display the survey permanently at a specific location.


Enable sidebar form on website


 When should this nudge be displayed?


It allows you to control when the nudge fires on each page.


Configure the timing of the Qualaroo nudge to appear for visitors


 How often should this nudge be shown?


It will enable you to set the frequency that the nudge is displayed.


determine the frequency of the nudge


 Finally, you can select how long you prefer to keep a nudge active on your website and receive email notifications when someone fills out the survey.


how log and notifcation targeting


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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