How to Set Email Response Notifications


In Qualaroo, you can choose how often you want to receive notifications via email when you get responses to your survey. The feature lets you control the number of notifications and reduce clutter in your inbox.


Setting email response notifications can help you to:


  • Get real-time alerts for responses from your users.

  • Take immediate actions based on user response.


Here's what a weekly digest would look like:


Weekly Digest of Survey Responses


To set an email response notification:


Step 1: Go to the TARGETING section and scroll down to NOTIFY.


Step 2: Select your choice from the dropdown menu.


Set email notifications


Step 3: Enter the email address on which you want to receive the notifications for the survey response.


Enter email address(s)


You will get a notification over email when your survey receives a response.


When to choose:


  • Send me an email every time I receive a response: When you choose this option, you will receive an email whenever you get a response. 


  • Send me an email every time I receive another 10 responses: Select this option when you don't want to get an email notification for every response but instead want an email notification for 10 collective responses. 


  • Send me a daily digest of the responses I received: Use this option if you want an email notification for a summary of responses collected daily.

  • Send me a weekly digest of the responses I received: With this option, you will get an email for a summary of responses collected weekly.


  • Only send me one email - the first time I get any responses: This option is primarily to check if a survey is getting a response or not. Also, you won't get emails for further responses collected.


Help! I unsubscribed and I didn't mean to!

Just send us a message and we'll remove you from the unsubscribe list. 


That is all about enabling email notifications for responses.



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