How to View and Edit Your Survey Responses


After you activate your Qualaroo Survey and collect responses, you can see the answers in two ways: cumulative and individual. 


NOTE: There is a two-hour delay between when a visitor submits a response and when it can be viewed via our notification system or within our web interface.


In the report section, you can:

  • Filter the survey responses to get better insights.
  • View the respondent's information in detail.
  • Use quick filters to sort data.
  • Evaluate your nudge performance.
  • Edit responses to get spam and error-free data.


Watch this quick video to get a complete walk-through of the reporting section.





1. Insightful Filtering: You can filter the survey responses to gain better insights.

2. Error-free Data: You have the ability to edit responses to ensure your data is free from spam and errors.


To view your responses: 


1. On your Qualaroo dashboard, click on the Responses figure to open the reporting section of a survey. 


Open Survey Reports


Alternate way,


  • Click Ellipsis to access additional options and select REPORT.


Open a Survey Report


Here, you will find a comprehensive reporting section of your survey.


Reporting Overview


The overview section groups together answer selections on each question screen. You can use the date range selector at the top to focus on the responses within a specific time frame. If no time frame is selected, Qualaroo displays the information for the entire time the survey has collected responses.


The following report screen appears when your survey has more than 20k responses.


Report Overview



Note: If your survey has less than 20k responses, you will see a Stats tab on your Survey Report page.
 Stats tab on the survey report page


Using Filters


In the Reports section, you can use quick filters on the left panel to sort survey response data for better analysis.


You can filter data based on survey completion, operating system, and browser used by the respondent. 


Use filters to sort Reports


Preview survey responses


You can click the preview button to check a particular response in detail. On this interface, you will find the following details:


1. The date on which the user took the survey.

2. System details, such as operating system, browser, and IP address.

3. Individual question types and their responses.

View a response details




When you're accessing survey responses, you can open Stats to see a comprehensive breakdown of your collected responses. The Stats tab will provide deep insights into your survey questions and answers. You can check individual responses to analyze the survey performance further.


View Stats


To edit survey responses:


1. On your dashboard, click the response count for the survey you wish to edit in your target domain. The reports section will appear.


Click the number of responses of a survey to edit it


2. In the Reports tab, click the eye icon under the Response column.


Click the eye icon to access a user response to the survey

3. Navigate to the response you want to edit, click the pencil icon next to the question type, and modify the response as per your liking. Once done, save your changes.

Click the pencil icon next to the survey question, edit the response and click Save


Note: You can edit responses for a question only if it has received input from the end user. 


Here's what editing a survey response will look like:


Edit the survey response


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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