How to Share the Report on Survey Responses


In Qualaroo, you can share survey responses with a third person.


Suppose there are individuals within your company who do not have access to your Qualaroo account that you would like to share the responses with. In that case, we give you the ability to share a link that hides personal identifying information about the visitors while still giving those individuals access to visitors' responses. 

Benefits of sharing the responses:


  • Get a second opinion on survey responses you collect
  • Avoid sharing account details to access reports


How to share reports on survey responses:


1. From the Beta Report section

2. From the traditional report section


From the Beta Report section


Step 1: Click on Share Report


Go to Share Report


Step 2: Enable/disable the preset conditions and click Generate Link.


Preset conditions


Step 3: Copy the link and share it with the people you want.


Share report


From the traditional report section


Step 1: Go to Report


Go to Report


Step 2: Click ‘Share Report.’ A pop-up opens.


Share Report


Step 3: Copy the generated link to share.


Copy link


NOTE: Unlike in the BETA REPORT, you can’t enable/disable the preset conditions when sharing the traditional report. A few elements are not included by default.


That is all about sharing reports on survey responses.



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