How to Export Your Survey Responses to CSV


In Qualaroo, you can export the nudge responses in the form of .csv format to your email with just a few clicks. You can also download and share the Beta report with anyone. 


Exporting nudge responses to CSV files is helpful as they are:


  • Editable in any spreadsheet tools.
  • Compact and smaller in size.
  • Convertible into other file formats.

How to Export the Responses to CSV


Step 1: Navigate to your survey and click on MORE Export.


More > Export


Step 2: In the screen overlay: 

  • Select the date range.

  • Enter the email address at which you wish to receive the CSV

  • Select “CSV v1 (by responses).”



Export Responses to CSV


Step 4:  Click on the “DOWNLOAD CSV” button.  


Download CSV


How to Export Your Responses From the Beta Report


Step 1: Locate your survey on the dashboard.


Step 2: Go to  MORE > BETA REPORT




Step 3: Go to EXPORT REPORT and select BY RESPONSES.


EXPORT REPORT by Responses


Step 4: Click on the “DOWNLOAD CSV” button.


Download CSV


If the CSV gets too large, we’ll email it to you in a .gz archive. These applications (among others) will let you extract your report from the archive:


NOTE: When exporting responses from the BETA REPORT section, they will only be emailed to the user.


You can get a list of exported CSVs by clicking on “VIEW ALL YOUR EXPORTS.”


CSV Contents


The CSV export of your data will contain the same information as in the Individual responses section but in spreadsheet format. The columns are:


  • A unique, anonymous response ID

  • The date and time the survey was taken

  • The User-Agent string that displays the operating system and browser the visitor used to take the survey

  • The IP address of the visitor

  • The referring page (if there was one)

  • The page URL the visitor took the survey on

  • If applicable, additional information is passed back using the API. See this section in our help center to learn more. 

  • The selected answer or filled choice for each question, where each question is a column in the CSV.


Troubleshooting Your CSV


Click here to make sure your data is imported to Excel correctly.


This is all about exporting the responses to CSV.



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