How to Integrate Qualaroo With Tableau


With Qualaroo-Tableau integration, you can import all your Qualaroo data quickly and seamlessly to the Tableau database for in-depth, visualized analysis.



Benefits of Tableau & Qualaroo Integration: 


  • Get personalized formatting to visualize and interpret collected data via Qualaroo

  • Visualize survey data through heat maps, filled maps, box-and-whisker plots, etc.

  • With real-time data synchronization, analyze the survey drop-off rate and conversion rate.


Integrating Qualaroo with Tableau requires,


  • A copy of Tableau or Tableau Public.

  • Qualaroo Account with access to the Reporting API and valid API credentials (available on

  • Qualaroo Web Data Connector URL.



How to Integrate Qualaroo With Tableau


Step 1: Log in to your Tableau account and click “Web Data Connector” in the left sidebar.


Web Data Connector


Step 2:  Enter the Qualalroo Web Connector URL.


Web Data Connector URL


Step 3: Select your survey from the list and click Continue.


Select a Survey


 Step 4: Select Date range and Custom properties.


Date Range and Custom Properties


Step 5: Click “Import” after selecting your options.


Click Import


You will see “Executing Query” and “Loading Metadata” dialogs. Depending on the dataset size, this may take a while. 


When the process is completed, you will see the Qualaroo data in a New Book.


Executing Query


To Generate a Qualaroo Web Data Connector URL


  • Go to ACCOUNT DETAILS on the dashboard.

  • Navigate to Reporting API and copy the API key and API secret.


Reporting API


  • Paste the API key and API Secret into the standard template:



With an example API key of 1234 and API secret of abc123 we would construct the following URL:


That is all about Qualaroo & Tableau integration.



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