How to Initiate Olark Chat From Qualaroo Nudge


Connect your survey respondents to your chat support on Olark based on the responses to the questions. The "Start a Chat" step lets you enable chat initiation from the nudge. 


Here's how this works.


Initiate Olark Chat widget from Nudge


Benefits of connecting Qualaroo with chat support:


Qualaroo helps businesses connect efficiently with their website visitors. It uses a user-focused approach to chat initiation, ensuring that chat support is offered only when it is actually needed. Qualaroo also simplifies the chat initiation process, regardless of the platform. This results in an improved user experience, ensuring chat resources are utilized effectively.


To initiate Olark chat from Qualaroo nudge:


1. Install Olark chat on your target website

If you do not have an Olark account, click here to create one.


Follow the steps below to install Olark chat on your website:

  • To get the code, go to Settings > Channels. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the installation code. 


Copy the installation code from Channels under Settings


2. Paste the script


Paste the copied script into your website's <body> tag. This will complete the installation process. 


Important: This step may require assistance from a developer.


This is how Olark chat will look on your website.


Preview of Olark Chat installed on a website


3. Create a survey in Qualaroo 


Add questions and answer options to your survey, then click Add Step. 


Create your survey


4. Add Olark


Click Start a Chat and select Olark Chat from the options.


Select Olark Chat as your preferred chat support platform


Here's what the newly added step will look like.


Olark Chat added to the survey


5. Enable Chat Initiation


Configure the branching by checking the "Allow branching (i.e., the next screen depends on the user's answer)."


To initiate chat after the chosen response, select "Start an Olark Chat" from the "If selected, continue to:" option.


Start an Olark Chat when the user selects an answer


6. Set up targeting and customize the design of your survey. Click Save to finish.


Ensure the target page has the Olark script installed.


Once the survey is saved and active, the users can connect to the chat support based on the survey branching.


Initiate Olark Chat widget from Nudge


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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