How to Integrate Qualaroo With Zapier


Zapier is an excellent tool that can connect web applications. Zapier provides endless opportunities to receive, analyze, and follow up on your Qualaroo feedback with such powerful functionality.


Benefits of integrating Qualatoo with Zapier:


  • Connect Qualaroo with more than 3000 web apps to collect and analyze the feedback data
  • No code set up


In this article, you will learn,


1. Preparing the Trigger

2. Preparing the Action

3. Adding a Filter (optional)


 Preparing the Trigger


A trigger is an action that initiates your Zap. With Qualaroo, we have prepared four triggers for you to choose from New Survey, New Response, Survey Deactivated, and Survey Activated. You will be prompted to select one of these options later on.


Step 1: Begin by selecting Qualaroo within the app section. A simple search will bring Qualaroo to the top of your list.




Step 2: Determine which account you would like to connect.






Step 3: Connecting your Qualaroo account requires entering your Qualaroo API Key and Secret. You can find your Qualaroo API Key and Secret on your Qualaroo Account page under the Reporting API section.


API Key and API Secret


Once you have entered your API Key and Secret, you can continue by selecting the previously linked account during future visits. You will be required to choose the appropriate Qualaroo Account later in this process.


Step 4: Click the ellipsis button to the right of the Qualaroo logo and text, and select "Make A Zap."




Step 5: Select Qualaroo as the Trigger App.




Step 6: Select the intended Qualaroo Trigger. For this demonstration, we will be using the New Response Trigger.




Step 7: Select your Qualaroo Account.




Step 8: Select which survey you want to connect to the Zap.




Before you continue, please ensure that you have at least one response and that the survey matches the trigger options. If you don't already have a response and are worried about setting up the survey live on-site, don't worry!


Check this article covering How to Test Your Survey on a Live Site.




Once everything is set up correctly, you will see "Test Successful!"




 Preparing the Action


Step 1: Once you have prepared the Trigger specifications, your next step is choosing an Action App. An Action is considered a specified event completed in a second app.


We will select SMS as our second app for this demonstration and send a text every time this survey receives a response!






Step 2: Once you have selected this app's Trigger, select the account associated with the app. The required information will vary from app to app.


For this instance, we will select a phone number as the account (and don't worry, you can't receive any unwanted Zap messages unless you have entered a Confirmation PIN).




Step 3: After selecting Save and Continue, you will be prompted to format each response's message.




Step 4: Next, you will have the option to test your Zap and add another Step or Filter. If you do not want to include another step or filter, you are ready to turn on your Zap! Name your Zap, select a folder, and turn it on when you are ready!




 Adding a Filter (Optional)


Adding a Filter can be a great way to segment your responses to different endpoints. Here is a brief preview of how Filters can help you manage feedback on a per-team basis:


  • Negative feedback - Escalate directly to the Customer Success Team (Zapier integration)
  • Neutral feedback - Funnel data to your Product Team for feature discovery
  • Positive feedback - Send feedback to your Marketing Team to create Case Studies


Step 1: To begin, select the '+' button between the Trigger and Action, and choose Filter.




Step 2: Select the Filter and Save + Continue.




Step 3: Your next step is to select the condition(s) your data must meet to continue.


The three available components are:


  • Key: The Key determines which specific place from the app in your previous step(s) to check for data to filter against.
  • Condition: The Condition determines the logic employed by your filter.
  • Value: The Value determines which value your filter checks against the logic. You can include multiple filters by selecting "+ AND" or "+ OR."




For example, you can create a filter that is set to "Only continue if..." the answer to your NPS question is above 8, indicating that they are a Promoter:




You will have an option to test if the filter is valid. Once this is complete, save and continue.


Congratulations, you have created a new Zap!


Please note that in cases where the respondent takes longer than a minute to finish the entire survey, responses recorded after the minute has elapsed may not populate within the Action App. However, this information is still recorded and can be viewed within your Reporting Dashboard or CSV export!

We are actively working to improve it and will provide updates when available!


That is all about Qualaroo & Zapier integration. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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