How to Integrate Qualaroo With Intercom


Qualaroo integration with Intercom lets you pair Intercom messages with Qualaroo surveys and record survey events into Intercom. You’re able to associate an Intercom visitor ID with Qualaroo responses via our Identity API and open new Intercom messages based on survey answers with the ability to define pre-populated messages.


Benefits of integrating Qualaroo with Intercom:


  • Elevate customer experiences by staging personalized customer journeys

  • Use Qualaroo branching or skip logic to display Intercom messages at the proper responses from users


How to Integrate Qualaroo With Intercom


Step 1: Paste the following snippet immediately after the Qualaroo snippet on your target pages.


     _kiq.push([‘identity’, Intercom(‘getVisitorId’)]);


After this, the Identity API will pass the Visitor ID from Intercom to associate visitors with responses.


Step 2: To track survey events inside Intercom, simply enable the integration under ‘Site Settings’ in your Qualaroo account.


Enable Intercom Integration


Step 3: Click ‘Save.’


The following table will overview standard Qualaroo events and how they are passed to Intercom:


Intercom API Called


Opening a new Intercom message depending on a survey answer is super simple. Like our other chat integrations, you can add this functionality by going to Add Step > > Start a Chat >> New Intercom Message.


Add Step


Once Intercom is added to the survey, you can add a pre-populated message if you’d like. You can then combine it with our branching options to choose when the new message window opens, and BOOM!! 


Customer insights and engagement at their finest!


That is all about integrating Qualaroo with Intercom.



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