How to Integrate Qualaroo Survey With Optimizely Experiment and A/B Test Variations


Optimizely integration for surveys lets you test variations to decide which delivers the desired results. Combining the Qualaroo Nudge™ technology with Optimizely experiments can drive up click-throughs, increase conversion rates, and grow customer acquisitions.


Benefits of integrating Qualaroo with Optimizely experiment and experiment variations:


  • A/B Test Qualaroo surveys

  • Improve conversion rates by deploying the winning test variation

  • Optimize customer experiences by bridging the gap between visitors’ needs and your offerings


To Configure Optimizely With Qualaroo:


Step 1: In your Optimizely account, find the experiment ID and the variation names on your Optimizely dashboard:


Optimizely Experiment ID


Step 2: Enter the ID of the Optimizely experiment and the variation name in the "Targeting" section of your Qualaroo survey under "Advanced Targeting.”


Set up Optimizely Experiment Targeting


We recommend using variation names without spaces to ensure that both systems behave correctly—for example, Variation_One vs. Variation One. 


What Can You Do With It?


This integration allows you to do two things:


1. Use Qualaroo surveys to understand why one Optimizely variation performs better 


Suppose you run an A/B test on your product pricing page. A particular variation converts better. Knowing why this variation works better makes it easier to optimize it further.


It is especially helpful when the difference in performance is not extreme. Ask your visitors who saw each variation - “Is our pricing clear? If not, what did you find confusing?” Targeting a Qualaroo survey to users who saw a particular version of the page helps inform your next experiment.

How to do it? 


Create a survey for each variation. It means that the survey will be displayed only when (and where) this experiment is active. Our delay option gives your visitors enough time to go through the page before asking the question.


2. Use Optimizely to A/B test Qualaroo surveys


Several customers expressed their interest in A/B testing surveys against each other to find the wording and the order of questions that get the most high-quality responses. Now you can use Optimizely to run this experiment.


How to do it? 


Create an experiment in Optimizely with two variations. The variations will not modify the page itself. Configure two surveys on the same page. Target each to a different variation. Done.


Now Optimizely will assign users randomly to both versions. Wait for enough data and analyze the number and quality of responses that each survey version received.


That is all about integrating the Qualaroo survey with Optimizely experiment and experiment variations.



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