How to Integrate Qualaroo with Microsoft Teams


By integrating Qualaroo with Microsoft Teams, you can now automate your survey responses directly to your Teams account, ensuring that your team stays in sync, informed, and empowered to make data-driven decisions.


Here’s how the survey responses appear in your Microsoft Teams account:


survey response in teams


Integrating Qualaloo with Microsoft Teams will offer the following benefits:


  • All team members have access to the latest feedback and insights
  • Save time and resources in manual data transfers
  • Receive timely notifications on new survey responses directly in Microsoft Teams, ensuring that crucial feedback doesn't go unnoticed

To Integrate Qualaroo With Microsoft Teams


Step 1: On your Qualaroo dashboard, click the user profile icon and select  "Account Details" from the menu. 


account details


Step 2: Navigate to Microsoft Teams and click “Connect to Microsoft.”


microsoft teams integrations


Step 3: Enter the webhook URL and click Submit.


enter webhook url


Click here to learn about creating and obtaining a Webhook URL in your Microsoft Teams account. 


Step 4: Return to the dashboard and open the required survey in the edit mode. Go to More > Integrations. 




Step 5:  In the GENERAL integrations section, locate the Microsoft Teams integrations and ensure that the option "Send responses at Microsoft Teams" is selected. Click “SAVE” to apply the changes.


select teams integration option


Now you have successfully integrated Qualaroo with Microsoft Teams. Once you get survey responses, they’ll be reflected in your Teams account.


That's all about integrating Qualaroo with Microsoft Teams. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team


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