How Do I Set up Webhooks in Qualaroo?


Qualaroo Webhooks lets you POST survey response data to an endpoint of your choosing every time a survey on your account receives a reply.


Benefits of setting up Webhooks in Qualaroo:


  • Receive real-time updates

  • Gain an edge over APIs that are driven by requests


To set up Webhooks in Qualaroo


Step 1: Navigate to the ‘Account Section’ on the Qualaroo dashboard


Step 2: Select ‘Webhooks’ from the drop-down list.


Webhooks Integration


Qualaroo webhooks will send a POST request in JSON format to your selected endpoint each time a survey response is submitted.


Here are the arguments sent via a POST request to your endpoint:


POST Request




1. What does the Qualaroo webhook interface consider a successful POST request?


Any request that returns a 200 OK response is considered to be successful. Any response other than 200 OK is considered to be an error.


2. Do Qualaroo webhooks retry failed requests?


No, all failed requests are logged to the customer dashboard as (“Last Response Code”)


3. How many endpoints can I POST to?


Premium customers can POST survey results to 5 endpoints.


4. How do I add more POST endpoints to my account?


Please contact our support team for pricing on additional POST endpoints.


That is all about setting up Webhooks in Qualaroo.



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