How to Integrate Qualaroo With Okta


Qualaroo integrates with Okta as our SSO solution, allowing for a simple way for Premium customers to log in to Qualaroo with a single click securely.




Benefits of integrating Qualaroo with Okta:


  • Leverage an SSO solution like Okta and have your employees utilize one set of credentials to access all of the companies’ vendors

  • Enable two-factor authentication and a password rotation policy to strengthen the account’s security further


Understand how Okta provides secure login


Why not just use a regular username and password? Security is paramount to us, and we know it’s vitally important to you. Allowing thousands of employees to choose their username and password for dozens of vendors the company utilizes to run their business is a security concern. For enterprises, if one team member’s credentials are compromised from one site, there’s potential for a waterfall of security issues across all their vendors.


Enters Okta, the one-stop SSO solution.


Moving forward, if your company decides to implement Okta as its SSO solution, know that Qualaroo is already set up in the Okta marketplace and ready to go. 



That is all about Okta SSO Solution for Qualaroo. If you’d like more information, contact our support team, and we’ll be happy to help.



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