How to Integrate Qualaroo With Adobe Analytics


Adobe Analytics unlocks critical insights from industry-leading data and facilitates better marketing decisions.


Benefits of integrating Qualaroo with Adobe Analytics:


  • Easily push Qualaroo data to Adobe Analytics

  • Design marketing campaigns by using analytics data 


Setting Up Adobe Analytics


Step 1: Log in to Adobe Analytics


Step 2: Go to Admin > Report Suites.




Step 3: Select or create the report you would like to use. Go to Edit Settings > Conversion > Conversion Variables.




Step 4: Click Add New twice and create the Evars “Survey ID” and “Survey Response.” Both enabled and text strings.




Note down the Evar number for each (i.e., “Evar #2”). You will need it later for Qualaroo.


Step 5: Save changes.


Step 6: Go to Edit Settings > Conversion > Success Events.




Step 7: Click Add New twice and create the success events “Survey Passed” and “Survey Viewed.” Both should be counters.




Note down the event numbers here as well (i.e., “event1”).


Step 8: Save changes.


Setup Qualaroo


Step 1: Log in to Qualaroo


Step 2: On the Dashboard, click 'Settings' under the site where you have installed Adobe Analytics.


Step 3: Under Analytics, enable “Record Qualaroo events in Adobe Analytics.”




Step 4: On the next screen, 

  • Fill in the ID numbers as they correspond to the Adobe setup above.

  • (Optional) If you're using a custom variable other than the standard 's' for the Adobe Analytics JavaScript object, also enter that as it appears in your code.


Adobe Analytics Integration


Step 5: Save changes. Congratulations, Adobe Analytics is now set up!


That is all about Qualaroo & Adobe Analytics integration.



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