How to Integrate Qualaroo With Marketo


Marketo Qualaroo integration takes away all the unnecessary manual work by allowing you to automate data flow from Qualaroo to Marketo. Every lead you generate using the lead generation form gets automatically pushed to your Marketo account.


Benefits of integrating Qualaroo with Marketo:


  • You can streamline lead management and achieve data consistency across apps.

  • You can leverage survey data to personalize your marketing campaigns.


Note: Marketo Qualaroo integration is available on-demand and requires support assistance to enable.


To enable this integration for your account, please send the following information to us:


  • hostname,

  • client id & secret

  • the name of attributes you want to be sent to Marketo (e.g., first_name, last_name, email)

That is all about Marketo and Qualaroo integration. 



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