How to Integrate Google Analytics with Qualaroo


With Google Analytics integration, you get a holistic view of customer feedback data relating to visitor behavior on the website. Google Analytics (now GA4) records nudge events like saw nudge, minimized nudge, answered nudge, etc., along with identifying user demographics and collecting qualitative and quantitative insights to boost survey response.


Here’s how integrating Google Analytics with Qualaroo records the nudge events:


nudge events


By Integrating Google Analytics with Qualaroo, you can:


  • Monitor and analyze your survey response.

  • Correlate quantitative behavioral data ("what users did") recorded by Google Analytics with qualitative data ("what users said") produced by Qualaroo.

  • Segment the user activities to understand the survey performance better.


In this article, you will learn:


1. Integrating Your GA4 Account With Qualaroo

2. Viewing Nudge Response in Google Analytics


Before integrating your GA4 account with Qualaroo, you must set up your GA4 account. Click here to set up your GA 4 account. 

After your Google Analytics account is set up, you need to connect it with Google Tag Manager. Click here to set up the Google Analytics 4 Property with Google Tag Manager.


How to Integrate Your GA4 Account With Qualaroo


Step 1: Hover the cursor on your domain and click Settings.




NOTE: Make sure to activate your surveys to record the nudge events successfully.


Step 2: In the ANALYTICS tab. Enable “Record Qualaroo events in Google Analytics” using the toggle button and click SAVE.


record events in GA


Your Qualaroo events will now reflect in your Google Analytics account.


How to View the Nudge Events in Google Analytics


Step 1: In your Google Analytics dashboard, go to Reports.


Reports GA dashbaord


Step 5: You will notice the Event Count (clicks) for every Event Name. Click the event to open the EVENT PARAMETER KEY.



Step 6:  Click event_label to view the nudge response.


event label


Here’s the preview of the event parameter value for the selected parameter key


event parameter value


Note: Are you hosting Google Analytics and Qualaroo in Google Tag Manager? Please see this article if your events aren't showing up.


That is all about publishing Qualaroo data to Google Analytics.



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