How to Troubleshoot Qualaroo Event Tracking Issues in Google Analytics


Qualaroo events are essential for gathering user feedback and insights. Ensuring accurate tracking is crucial for making informed decisions. Follow these steps to resolve common tracking issues. This help article will guide you on how to troubleshoot Qualaroo event tracking issues in Google Analytics.


How to Enable the Advanced Configuration in Google Analytics


Step 1:  Log in to your Google Tag Manager account.


Step 2: Locate and select your Qualaroo tag.


Step 3: Select Google Analytics. 


Step 4: Under the Tag Configuration, select Track type.


Step 5: Click More Settings>Advanced Configuration.


GTM more settings

GTM tracker name  


Step 6: Set Tracker Name as “True” and click “Save.”  



This will allow Google Analytics to record the Tracking ID of the program that had the event (for example, when a visitor responds to a Qualaroo survey). 


If this option is not enabled, the Google Analytics report shows the Tracking ID as G-XXXXXX. When you’re using Chrome Developer Tools or Firebug in Firefox, this is the “utmac” parameter.


NOTE: Naming the tracker object yourself is discouraged. Your data may become corrupted if you reuse an existing tracker object name. Although providing a name for the tracker can allow you to share state between Google Tag Manager-created trackers and your pre-existing Google Analytics code, you should instead update the code on your site to use the Google Tag Manager dataLayer syntax. Otherwise, you will be unable to configure your tracking via Google Tag Manager.


That is all about troubleshooting Google analytics when not recording Qualaroo events.


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