How to Troubleshoot Your Surveys When Not Displaying


Troubleshoot issues related to the display of Qualaroo surveys on your website. If you find that your surveys are not appearing as expected, follow these steps to identify and resolve the problem.


Verify the Activation Scheduler


Problem: Surveys may not display if the activation scheduler is misconfigured.


Solution: To ensure your survey remains active for the desired duration, check the activation scheduler settings in the TARGETING section for your survey. Adjust the deactivation date if necessary.


how long


Confirm the Presence of Qualaroo Code


Problem: The absence of Qualaroo code can prevent surveys from displaying.



  1. Right-click on your survey page and select "View Page Source."
  2. Search for "kiq" in the page source to confirm the Qualaroo code block's presence below the <body> tag.


survey view source


Search for “kiq” in your page source and ensure the Qualaroo code block is below the <body> tag.


qualaroo survey cookie


Check Domain-Specific JavaScript Code


Problem: Incorrect JavaScript code can hinder survey display, especially on plans that support multiple domains.


Solution: Compare the JavaScript code in your Qualaroo account to the code on your website to ensure they match.


code installed


copy qualaroo code


Verify Survey Configuration for the Correct URL


Problem: Incorrect URL configuration can lead to surveys not displaying on the intended pages.


Solution: Ensure the URL of the page matches the URL pattern for which the survey is configured.


survey url


Matches with


where section


Test Survey Display


Problem: Surveys may not display due to targeting conditions not being met.


Solution: To force a survey to display for testing purposes, append "?qualaroo_preview" to the URL (e.g., If it displays, review your targeting conditions to ensure they align with visitor behavior.


Avoid Multiple Surveys Targeting the Same Group


Problem: Having multiple surveys targeting the same group can lead to inconsistent results.


Solution: It is recommended to avoid this setup. Qualaroo defaults to displaying the first created survey in such cases. Adjust targeting or pause and run surveys at different times for more predictable results.


Verify Browser Compatibility


Problem: Outdated web browsers may not support Qualaroo surveys.


Solution: Ensure your visitors are using up-to-date web browsers that are compatible with Qualaroo surveys.


Handle Special Characters in Target URLs


Problem: Special characters in URLs can cause issues.



  • For letters (A-Z, a-z) and numbers (0-9), no changes are needed.
  • Characters '.', '-', '~', and '_' should also be left as-is.
  • Replace spaces with '+'.
  • For all other characters, encode them as %xx. For example, replace double quotation marks with %22.


Handling URLs with Query Strings


Problem: URLs with query strings require special handling.


Solution: To target pages with query strings, use Regular Expressions and click "Validate this regular expression(recommended)."


where section


validate regular expression


Following these troubleshooting steps should help you identify and resolve issues preventing Qualaroo surveys from displaying on your website. If you still encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.

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