Advanced Troubleshooting in Qualaroo


1. Ensure Custom Properties Are Sent With Survey Responses


If Custom Properties have been set when a user submits your survey, those values will be sent as metadata to your reports.

The following code is an example of how you can catch times when the custom properties have not been set when a response is submitted. It also demonstrates how you can create your check for the user properties you want to collect and set them when available.


NOTE: Depending on how you monitor JavaScript errors, you'll need to update the following code, so messages are logged in your system.


function qualPropsEmptyError(survey_id) {
_kiq.push(['getProperties', function(props) {
  if (Object.keys(props).length === 0) {
   throw (new Error('Qualaroo: Custom properties were empty for ' + survey_id));
function pushQualCustomProps() {
// Create your own check for whether your user data object is defined
if (userIdKnown) {
  _kiq.push(['set', userObject ]);
_kiq.push(['eventHandler', 'submit', function(answer, survey_id) {
try {
} catch (e) {


2. Why Are the HTTP and WWW in My Target URL Being Stripped Out?


Qualaroo's product is designed to be used on various websites using multiple URL types. When you paste a URL that you want to target your survey toward, we automatically remove HTTP, HTTPS, and www. This way, your survey will be shown equally on each possible URL:


3. XHTML Validation Error


The Qualaroo JavaScript code uses an HTML5 attribute called async to load the script asynchronously (in the background) for visitors using modern web browsers. While async is a valid HTML5 attribute, it isn’t a valid XHTML attribute, causing it to give an error for current W3C XHTML validation. Despite the error, the script often will still work for your customers. If validation is important to you, then you can safely remove the async attribute to let the code pass XHTML validation.


4. Why Can't I Use Qualaroo on My Wix Site?


Wix does not allow 3rd party JavaScript on its websites as of now, which disables the Qualaroo surveys. But Qualaroo is compatible with other CMS like Squarespace


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