How to Install JavaScript on Squarespace


Easily gather feedback from your Squarespace website by adding Qualaroo's JavaScript code. Qualaroo allows you to create customized surveys and feedback forms that help you understand your website visitors better. 


By integrating this code, you can collect valuable insights to improve their experience on your site. Enhance your Squarespace website with Qualaroo Nudge and make informed decisions based on user feedback to optimize your online presence.


Benefits of installing JavaScript on Squarespace:


  • Optimize the website using regular visitor feedback

  • Provide a highly engaging user experience to boost conversions


To Add the Qualaroo JavaScript on Squarespace:


Step 1: On your Qualaroo dashboard, navigate to your added website and click “INSTALL CODE.” 


Click Install Code to initiate the JavaScript installation process


Step 2: On the Install Qualaroo Tracking Code page, select the “Paste code in website source code or GTM” option.


Select Paste Code in Website Source Code or GTM




Copy the JavaScript Code


Step 4: Log in to your Squarespace site and navigate to Settings.




Step 5: Go to Developer tools


dev tools


Step 6: Click “Code Injection” and paste the Qualaroo javascript code in the FOOTER section. Click Save when done.


Code Injection


The Qualaroo JavaScript will automatically be added to every page on your Squarespace site.


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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