How to Install JavaScript on Tumblr


You can add Qualaroo Javascript to your Tumblr profile and collect feedback from visitors and users.


Benefits of installing JavaScript on Tumblr:


  • Offer engaging content to visitors by gauging their sentiments through quick Qualaroo surveys

  • Improve retention rate and increase the acquisition rate


To Add the Qualaroo JavaScript on Squarespace:


Step 1: Copy the Qualaroo JavaScript from your Qualaroo account. 

  • Go to “Install Code” at the right end of your domain name.


Click Install Code


  • Select “Paste code in website source code or GTM.”


Select Paste Code in Website Source Code or GTM


Step 2: On your Tumblr dashboard, click on “Customize.”


Click Customize


Step 3: Click “Edit HTML” under the theme you are using.


Go to Edit HTML option


Step 4: Scroll down to the <body> tag. Paste your Qualaroo JavaScript directly below the <body> tag.


Paste Qualaroo JavaScript code


Step 5: Click “Update Preview” at the top left, and click “Save.” Then, click “Close.” Go ahead and test out Qualaroo on your Tumblr!


That is all about adding JavaScript to Tumblr.



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