How to Send Qualaroo Data Into Segment Account


Qualaroo integration with Segment lets you leverage user insights at all the right places. The bi-directional functionality of Segment & Qualaroo integration allows you to extract maximum value out of the stored data.


Benefits of sending Qualaroo data into Segment:


  • Unlock hyper-specific user insights for enhanced targeting

  • Push the data you collect with Qualaroo into your Segment account, then send it to other marketing and analytics tools.


Here’s how you can turn on the integration. It’s a three-step process.


Please note that if the "Segment" option is selected, we don't allow you to choose any other option. If you need to integrate Qualaroo with another analytics tool, you can do so from within Segment.


You can find additional information about the Segment integration in this article within their help center


Data Sent to Segment and beyond


Once you've turned on the Segment integration in Qualaroo, events for Saw Nudge, Answered Nudge, and Clicked CTA will be recorded in Segment. 


This data can be set up in Segment to be distributed to other tools. Segment integrates with -- like Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, or even a CRM.


Saw Nudge: Segment will receive the event's name -- Saw Nudge -- with the nudge name and ID.


Answered Nudge: Segment will receive the name of the event -- Answered Nudge -- along with the question and answer provided by the user.


Clicked CTA: Segment will receive the name of the event -- Clicked CTA -- along with the destination URL of the CTA.


Pro Tip! 


Target nudges with Segment events. Learn more


That is all about sending Qualaroo data into Segment.



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