How to Target Your Survey With Segment Data


Qualaroo customers using Segment can use additional survey targeting features to display their surveys.


For example, use our Identity targeting options by calling the Segment .identify() method


The Segment will properly set a flag Qualaroo will use to determine whether to show a survey to known, unknown, or both users visiting your page. This identifier, usually a user ID or an email address, will be saved with the survey response as metadata.


If you have Qualaroo's Premium plan, you can utilize Qualaroo's Custom Property targeting options through Segment.


There are two ways Segment will set custom properties in Qualaroo.


First, when you call .identify(), the other traits passed with the userId will be set as Custom Properties. 


In Qualaroo, you can choose to show the survey based on those values.


For example:


analytics.identify('', {
     firstName: "Bob",
     annon_uuid: "123-123",
     downloadedGuide: true

In the above, you could choose only to target users who downloaded a guide by adding downloadedGuide=true in your Qualaroo targeting settings. When the above code is called, Segment will set the property, and the survey will fire.


Second, you may want to display a survey to a user who has taken a specific site action you're sending to Segment. To enable this feature, 


  1. Log in to your Qualaroo account, and hover to the right of the domain name panel on the dashboard.
  2. Click Settings. An overlay opens.
  3. Enable "Send Qualaroo events and response data to Segment."
  4. Click Save.


Enable "Send Qualaroo events and response data to Segment"


Once you do that, the .track() calls Segment method will set a Qualaroo custom property. You'll need to target using these properties in your Qualaroo targeting settings, and the formatting is important.


Here are some examples to guide you:


Segment event name Qualaroo custom property
userInteractedWithToggle Triggered_userInteractedWithToggle=true
type: UX Triggered_type_UX=true
first_time_user Triggered_first_time_user=true
selected-twice Triggered_selectedtwice=true
opened email optin Triggered_opened_email_optin=true


Further information about Segment integration can be found in this article within their help center.


Note: When using Custom Properties sent by Segment to target your nudge, please ensure that all properties used are present on the pages you intend to target your nudge. If all properties are not present, the nudge will not fire.


That is all about setting up your survey targeting using Segment data.



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