How to Target All or a Portion (Percentage) of Site Traffic


Qualaroo allows you to target your visitors based on different criteria. You can choose to target all of them or only a fraction of them.


For example, you can target 100% of your visitors who use a specific browser or 50% of visitors who visit a particular page. You can also target your visitors without any conditions, such as 100% of all visitors or 25% of all visitors.


Why target a specific percentage of site traffic? 


  • Collect feedback from all or some of your website visitors at random.
  • Get diverse responses for your surveys.


To target all the visitors or visitors from a custom option:


Step 1: Go to the TARGETING section.


Step 2: Scroll down to “WHO,”

  • Select “100% of all visitors” if you want to target all the visitors, irrespective of the conditions.

  • You can select any percentage to target a portion of site traffic.


Select the percentage of all visitors you want to target


How does the percentage selection work?

Qualaroo uses the Monte-Carlo selection method. When you select a percentage less than 100, the system runs a random number formula every time a visitor lands on your targeting URL. If the generated number in the system is less than or equal to your set percentage, the system will consider that visitor as a participant, and the nudge will appear. 


To make your targeting more specific, select:

  • All visitors who meet the conditions specified below by selecting “100% of all visitors who meet the conditions specified below”.
  • A portion of visitors who meet the conditions specified below by picking any percentage.


Target visitors based on specific conditions


NOTE: Qularoo lets you set specific targeting conditions listed below:



Target based on Behavior, Technology, or use Advanced Targeting options


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team. 



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