How to Target Visitors Who Are About to Exit a Page


In Qualaroo, you can trigger the survey Nudge when the visitor is about to leave the target page. This option helps to deploy exit-intent surveys.


NOTE: The feature works only for desktop surveys.


Watch this quick video to learn more about targeting visitors who are leaving your website:



Targeting visitors who are about to leave your website can help you:

  • Minimize cart abandonment rate for e-commerce websites.

  • Reduce the bounce rate of your website.

  • Get valuable insights on user experience. 


The best use of exit-intent surveys would be to uncover the reasons behind a high bounce rate.


For example, a shopping cart abandonment survey can help e-commerce sites identify the breaking point(s) in the buyer's journey and fix them to improve the conversion rate.


To target visitors who are about to exit the page:


In the TARGETING section, 

  • Scroll down to ‘WHEN’

  • Click on the radio button next to “When it looks like the user is about to abandon the page.” 


targeting using when option


Your survey will trigger as soon as the user is about to exit the page.


That is all about targeting the visitors leaving the page.



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