How to Target Visitors Based on Other Surveys on Your Site


In Qualaroo, you can show your survey to visitors who have or have not seen another survey on your site.


  • Suppose you are a software company that offers a cloud-based CRM solution. You want to survey your customers who use different features of your product, such as email marketing, sales pipeline, or customer service.
  • You can use Qualaroo’s targeting feature to show the survey only to customers who have seen another survey on your site, such as a general satisfaction survey or a product update survey.


Targeting by other surveys helps you:

  • Create a series of surveys that build on each other.
  • Run different surveys for different types of feedback.


To target visitors based on other surveys on your site:


In the TARGETING section,


  • Scroll down to Target: Behavior

  • Choose the percentage of visitors to target based on set conditions.

  • Check the box next to ‘Other surveys on ""

  • Select the type of match from the drop-down list

  • Enter the survey name.


targeting by behavior


Note: You can couple this setting after choosing the source of your visitors, such as visitors who came from anywhere on the web or visitors who came to your site from a search engine.


Don’t forget to click Save to finalize your changes.


Doing a positive match


If you want to make sure visitors see the survey, you’re currently targeting only if they’ve interacted with another survey, this is called a positive match or positive hierarchy. It's perfect if you have one primary survey and want to ask further questions based on that first survey or run follow-up questions to a survey you ran earlier. 


To set this up,

  • Click on “Other surveys on [],” 
  • Select “Has acted upon” from the drop-down. Start typing the survey name you want to target based on or choose it from the drop-down.


We include all active, paused, and archived surveys, and you can select multiple surveys if you want. 


has acted upon


Doing a negative match


This option is perfect if you have multiple active surveys on your site or use an iteration method for your surveys. The site visitor will only see the survey you’re currently targeting if they have not interacted with the other surveys on your list. 


has not acted on


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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