How to Target a Subdomain


In Qualaroo editor, you can fine-tune your survey targeting by activating/deactivating your Nudges™ on specific subdomains. 


You can target any subdomain using both simple URL and advanced URL fields.


Here's what a survey specifically active on a subdomain will look like:


Targeting a subdomain in Qualaroo


Benefits of targeting a subdomain:


  • Collect valuable feedback from visitors on a specific part of your website

  • Easily target or exclude visitors interacting with a particular page


In this article, you’ll learn:


1. How to Target a Subdomain in the Simple URL Field

2. How to Target a Subdomain in the Advanced URL Field


 How to Target a Subdomain in the Simple URL Field


Step 1: Select Use a simple URL in the targeting section.


targeting from simple URL


Step 2: Enter the subdomain you wish to target in the field.


Targeting One Subdomain


To target only one subdomain (i.e.,,, enter it in the Simple URL field:


sinple URL


Based on our input, the survey will be active only on the homepage of and no other pages.


You can use the same patterns mentioned in the Simple URL article to target other subsections on the subdomain:


Target a subsection on the subdomain in the simple URL field


This survey will show up on all pages in the /blog subsection of the url


Targeting All Subdomains


If you have many subdomains and you’d like the survey to appear on all of them, simply enter the URL without any subdomain, and the survey will be active on every subdomain:


targetting all subdomains


Your survey will show up on each section of the URL added:


 How to Target a Subdomain in the Advanced URL Field


Regular expressions in and of themselves are a little more complicated, but targeting a subdomain is not. You also have the opportunity to target multiple specific subdomains by using regular expressions, not just one, or excluding a particular subdomain.


Step 1: Select “Use an advanced URL” in the targeting section.


Target a subdomain in the advanced URL field


Step 2: Enter the URL field’s subdomain you wish to target.


Targeting Specific Subdomains


Using the “or” character, here is how you target all pages on the s21 and s22 subdomains on


targeting all domains


This survey will show up on every page of and but won’t show up on or


Excluding a Subdomain


Using a negative lookahead, you can also exclude a specific subdomain from being targeted. This tells the system to target all subdomains EXCEPT the one you’ve specified. Here is how you exclude the dogs subdomain from*:


advanced url


This will target all pages on* and any other subdomains, but it will not show the survey on other subdomains.


Excluding all Subdomains,


If you only want to target your top-level domain and none of your subdomains, simply leave the subdomain area blank


exclude subdomains


This will target every page on, but nothing on or


Don’t forget to click Save to finalize your changes.


That is all about targeting a subdomain.



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