How to Whitelist and Blacklist People From Seeing Your Survey Nudge


Learn how to control the audience for your surveys in Qualaroo by whitelisting and blacklisting visitors based on email addresses, user IDs, and IP addresses. This feature works in conjunction with the identity API, allowing you to display or hide surveys based on visitor identity.


As an online business, you want to gather accurate feedback from your customers. Whitelisting and blacklisting help ensure your surveys reach the right audience and prevent spam.


NOTE: Users have to be logged in to their Qualaroo account for this option to work.


The whitelist/blacklist option can:


  • Improve Data Reliability: By controlling who can access your surveys, you can gather high-quality responses.
  • Target Specific Audiences: Focus on existing customers or specific user groups.
  • Reduce Spam: Keep unwanted responses at bay with precise audience management.


In this article, you’ll learn: 


1. How to Whitelist and Blacklist through the email address or User ID

2. How to Blacklist and Whitelist through IP Address


 To Whitelist and Blacklist through Email Address or User ID


Step 1: In the TARGETING section, navigate to Target: Advanced.


Step 2:  Check the box labeled "Only to identities on a white list or black list" under Advanced targeting.


Select the identities to whitelist or blacklist


Step 3: Choose the option from the list to allow or prohibit the entries and enter the email address or user ID.


Enter email address to Whitelist


  1. Use only valid email addresses or customer IDs.
  2. Ensure the Identity JavaScript code is on your site for this to work.
  3. Separate identities by comma or new line.
  4. The Whitelist/Blacklist has a character limit of 65,000.
If you need to target more identities than this, please contact support directly to help you find a different solution.


 To Blacklist and Whitelist through IP Address


Step 1: In the TARGETING section, go to Target: Advanced.


Step 2: Select the checkbox next to “IP blacklist or whitelist” in Advanced targeting.


Select IP whitelist or blacklist


Step 3:  Pick an option from the list and enter the IP address.


Select the list properties


You can also select regular expressions from the list when entering IP addresses in bulk.


  • Separate values by a new line.
  • Qualaroo supports up to 1000 IPs.

You can use regular expressions to target multiple IP addresses. 


For example, instead of writing




You can simply write: 



That's all you need to know about managing your survey audience with whitelisting and blacklisting.



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