How to Create a Qualaroo Nudge™


Create engaging Qualaroo Nudge™ using the Qualaroo survey editor. From adding questions and answers to leveraging branching logic and multimedia elements, you'll learn how to optimize your surveys and gain valuable insights from your audience. Let's get started!


Benefits of creating a nudge using the editor:


  • Easy to create and set up

  • Real-time survey preview

  • Offers flexibility to personalize your nudges

  • Choose multiple platforms for your nudges


Here’s what a Qualaroo Nudge™ would look like:


Preview of a Qualaroo Nudge


To Create a Nudge


Step 1: Log in to your Qualaroo dashboard and click "Create New."


Creating a new nudge


Step 2: Select the desired channel type for the nudge and choose “New From Scratch.” You can also select the built-in templates from the library by clicking "Choose Template."


Selecting the type of nudge


Step 3: Let’s say you want to create a Desktop Web Nudge. Enter the domain you want to target and click "Create."


Choosing the domain to target


Editing your Nudge


Step 1: Enter a name for your survey to identify it easily.


Enter survey title


Step 2: In the editor, you'll see a preset question and message. Here, you can ask questions and specify possible responses.


Adding the Question


Step 3: You can edit the preset question to add a description to detail your query further. Make your question required (visitors cannot move to the next step without answering).


Adding a comment


Step 4: In addition, there are various answer types to choose from, like single-choice, free-text, emoji, etc.


  • You can also use branching logic to direct visitors to a relevant step based on their answers.
  • You can add as many questions and answers as you like.


Using the branch logic


Adding the Submit Button Text


You can also see the preview of your Qualaroo Nudge™ as shown below:


Qualaroo Nudge preview


By following the above steps, your  Qualaroo Nudge is now created. From here, you can proceed to the TARGETING section.


We hope this information has been helpful. Please get in touch with if you have any questions or need anything else!



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