How to Create a Five-second Test


The Five-second Test or the First Impression Test verifies whether users understand at first glance what your website or product is about and how they can use it. The test allows you to capture what stands out first to users.


Set the nudge to fire 5 seconds after the user has opened the website or product.


A five-second test helps collect quantitative and qualitative responses that enable you to enhance your product or website design.


Here is how a five-second test survey looks like:


Five-second test Preview on a Website


In this article, you will learn:


1. Creating a 5-Second Test

2. Recommended Targeting Options


 How to Create a 5-second Test


Step 1: On your Qualaroo dashboard, click CREATE NEW. Hover the cursor over the Nudge type and click CHOOSE TEMPLATE.


Select the Nudge Type


Step 2: Hover the cursor of the Five-second Test templates and click Use this Template.


Select a Five-second Template


Step 3: Enter the target URL and click CREATE.


Step 4: Customize your survey with EDIT, TARGETING, and DESIGN options and click SAVE.


You can activate your survey by using the toggle button.


 Recommended Targeting Options


  • Where should this survey appear?: On the pages where you want to conduct a five-second test. Type in the URL (simple or advanced) where you are looking to launch your Nudge.


  • Who should be prompted to take this survey?: Select 100% of all visitors who meet the conditions specified below or “Came directly to your site (typed in your URL or bookmark).”


  • When should this survey be displayed?: By default, this template will display the Nudge after 5 seconds.


  • How often should this survey be displayed?: Select “Continue showing until a visitor provides a response.”

That is all about creating a five-second test. If you want to learn more about all the options available within the TARGETING tab, visit this section of Qualaroo Help Center.



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