How to Modify the Message Screen


The message screen is like the conclusion of your survey. You can customize your message screen with a dedicated Call to Action (CTA) or link to any website URL, Facebook, or Twitter page link.


Benefits of modifying the message screen:


  • Redirect users to your desired web pages.

  • Optimize user experiences with personalized messages.


In this article, you’ll learn about:


1. Standard Message screen

2. Advanced Message screen

3. URL Call to Action

4. Facebook Call to Action

5. Twitter Call to Action

6. Adding an image to the message screen


 Standard Message Screen


In the standard message screen, you can only write “Thank You” (this extends to other languages as well). Also, you can choose to show a success icon with your message.


Standard Message Screen


 Advanced Message Screen With a Call to Action


You can write a detailed message description based on your requirements, as there is no character limit.


Along with this, you can also add a ‘Call to Action’ to your message.


Advanced Message Screen


 URL Call to Action


This option lets you customize the call to action button text and add a link to any webpage.


Adding a URL Call to Action


 Facebook Call to Action


This option will let you add a link to your Facebook Page on your message screen to prompt respondents to join your social community.



 Twitter Call to Action


Using this option, your call to action button will allow the respondents to go to the added Twitter URL.



 Adding Image to Message Screen


You can also add an image to make your message screen more appealing and interactive.


Adding an Image to the Message Screen


That is all about the message screen options.



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