What is the Qualaroo Nudge™?


The Qualaroo Nudge™ is your primary tool for collecting user insights. Wherever you need to collect feedback from users or website visitors, you can customize and deploy the Qualaroo Nudge™.


Watch this video to get a quick understanding of Qualaroo Nudge™:




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How does the Qualaroo Nudge™ benefit you?


  • It lets you ask the right questions to the right users at the right time. An intercept can be placed on several channels to collect feedback

  • It enables targeting website visitors based on their real-time activity

  • It helps you run NPS surveys to collect valuable feedback and enhance customer experience

  • It is quick to set up and does not require coding skills


What does the Nudge™ look like?


Qualaroo Nudges can be customized to match your branding for a truly native feel. You can also choose the placement of your Nudge (on the bottom left, bottom right, center, etc.) and display state (minimized or expanded) based on your preference.


Here are some examples of what an active nudge will look like:


On-site nudge

Preview of an On-site Nudge


Link Nudge

Preview of a Link Nudge


Who will see my Nudge™?


That’s up to you! With Qualaroo Nudge™, you can upload custom properties for airtight targeting. Of course, you can also target users based on standard properties like browser type, login status, whether or not they’ve answered your question and more. Set expiration dates for surveys if they are time-bound, or let them run continuously. There are a million and one ways to configure a Nudge™ and its audience!


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