Getting Started With Nudge for Prototypes


With Qualaroo’s Nudge for Prototypes, you can gather feedback directly from your prototype or wireframe without requiring code installation! 


Nudge for Prototypes is a tailored survey that you can add to the design template to test a product feature, design UI, and other elements to get valuable user insights.


Watch this quick video to understand how nudges for prototypes work.



Benefits of Survey Nudge for Prototypes:


  • Cross-verify your design ideas during the testing phase

  • Collect user feedback without any developer assistance as it doesn’t require coding

  • Compatible with prominent leaders in prototyping software


How to Set up Your Nudge


Step 1: In your Qualaroo dashboard, click “Create New.”


Navigating to Create New button


Step 2: Hover on “Nudge for Prototype” and click “NEW FROM SCRATCH.


Creating a Nudge for Prototype from Scratch


Step 3: Enter the target URL address and click on “Next.


Entering the Target URL


Based on the URL, Qualaroo will detect your prototyping tool of choice and will share any tool-specific instructions to prepare for Qualaroo implementation. You’ll have to complete all steps to access full functionality.


Qualaroo currently supports five main prototyping tools, viz. InVision, Marvel, Axure, Figma, and You’llXD. Follow Nudge for Prototypes with a custom URL if you use another tool.


Note: While most public URLs will work fine, some sites may not be compatible.


Check out the videos below for a demo of how to use Nudge for Prototypes with your favorite prototyping tools.










Adobe Xd


Step 4: If your URL is compatible, you will see the following message that your Nudge for Prototypes is ready to create.


Nudge for Prototype compatible with URL


If there is an issue with your link (for example, if it is not a public or “shared” link), you’ll receive an error message like the one below to the right of the URL field.


Test your Prototype URL

Step 1: If the link you provided is correct and your Nudge is ready to be created, you can now test if Qualaroo will work on this prototype.


Step 2: Click “TEST NOW,” and a new window will show your Nudge Prototype confirmation that Qualaroo has been implemented.


Testing the Nudge




Step 3: When done with testing, click “CREATE.


Create a New Nudge for Prototype


Creating Your Nudge

To set up your actual nudge:

  • Select your questions, answers, and branching logic as required.

  • Continue to the Targeting section to set rules around who will see your nudge.




*For more information on the Edit Tab, please see the ‘Creating your Nudge in the Edit Tab’ section of this help article


Distribute your Prototype+Qualaroo URL!

Now that you’re on the targeting tab, you will see:

  • Your original URL

  • The URL you can use to distribute to your users

  • Options to determine when, how often, and how long you would like your nudge to fire

  • Options for how often you would like to receive response notifications




NOTE: Any changes you make in the ‘Targeting’ section can be seen on site when the browser’s cache is refreshed. An easy way to do this is to open in Incognito mode.


Final Steps

  • Save the 'Targeting Tab’ settings.

  • Make any final design changes within the ‘Design Tab.

  • Copy your updated URL from the targeting tab and send it to users who want to test your prototype.


Congratulations, you are now ready to gather feedback directly from within your prototype!



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