How to Manage & Delete Logos and Overlay Images


In Qualaroo, you can easily remove logos and overlay images from the asset manager, enabling you to declutter and organize your storage space efficiently. Deleting unnecessary images ensures your assets remain well-organized and your storage space is optimized. 


Managing and deleting the logos & overlay images can:


  • Keep your repository up-to-date.

  • Remove images not in use and clear space to add new files to your list.


Here’s what the Asset Manager in Qualaroo looks like:


Qualaroo Asset Manager


To Manage And Delete Overlay Images


Step 1:  Go to the DESIGN section.


Step 2: Click “Manage” next to the logo upload option. A new tab will open.


Click Manage to open Asset Manager


Step 3: Scroll down to view all the images, mobile screenerslogos, and overlay backgrounds


Step 4: To delete a file, click on “Remove.”


Delete a file


Step 4: Click OK to confirm.


Confirm the action


Your logo or overlay image will get removed from the list.


That is all about managing and deleting logos & the overlay images.



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