How to Mark a Survey Question as 'Required'


Qualaroo lets you mark a question as "required," depending on the answer type. This option makes it mandatory for the respondents to answer a survey question before moving to the next one. It comes in handy for gathering valuable insights into critical questions.


Here’s what a survey with a question marked “required” will look like:


survey with required options


Using the "Required" feature enables you to extract meaningful data and comprehensively understand your audience. It ensures that you receive essential feedback on crucial questions, enhancing the quality of survey responses.


To Mark a Question as 'Required'


Step 1: Add your question to the Qualaroo editor.


Step 2: Check the "Required" box to indicate that respondents must answer the question. A live preview will be available on the right side of your screen, with an asterisk denoting its compulsory status.


Marking the question as "required"


Step 3: Select your preferred answer type.


Note: We strongly recommend using the "Required" option when employing the "Text-based answer" type. This ensures the survey taker fills in their response before proceeding to the next step, promoting data accuracy.


That's all about making survey questions mandatory. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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