How to Set a Cookie for a Specific Answer


Setting a cookie for each survey answer with Qualaroo lets you capture valuable insights from your visitors. This feature helps you understand user preferences and behaviors more deeply, paving the way for effective re-targeting campaigns.


For instance, Qualaroo can create a unique cookie for every answer option. A specific cookie is stored in their browser if a user selects "Blue" as their favorite color. You can then identify users' preferences based on these cookie values.


Benefits of setting a cookie for a specific answer:


  • Store visitor responses to a survey: The website owner can collect and analyze the data from the survey responses more efficiently and accurately. They can also use the cookie data to segment their visitors into different groups based on their answers, such as by interest, preference, or satisfaction level.
  • Improve visitor re-targeting based on collected responses: The website owner can use the cookie data to show more relevant and personalized ads or offers to their visitors on other websites or platforms. For example, if the user chose “red” as their favorite color in the survey, the website owner can show them ads or offers for products that are red or related to red. This can help increase the chances of converting visitors into customers or repeat buyers.


To Set a Cookie for a Specific Answer


Step 1:  In your dashboard, navigate to the Integrations section.


integration option


Step 2: Setting the Cookie

  • Scroll down to the “Set a cookie value based on a respondent's answer” section.
  • Turn on the toggle button to activate the cookie setting.
  • The system will generate a unique name for the cookie associated with each answer. Copy the cookie name. 


set cookie value


Step 4: Click “Save” to finalize your changes.


Your settings are now configured to create a cookie for every survey answer.


Step 4: Utilize Cookie Data in Future Surveys


For your following survey, go to the Cookie targeting section. Paste the previously noted cookie name to target users based on their past answers. Remember to save your settings to activate this targeting.


specified cookies


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That is all about setting cookies for survey answers. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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