How to Create a Matrix Survey


In a matrix survey, you can add multiple questions with the same set of answer options in a grid pattern of rows (questions) and columns (answer choices).


Matrix surveys let you set up multiple questions in a single step and reduce the overall survey length.


With matrix surveys, you can:

  • Gather data up to 6x faster by setting up one survey instead of creating multiple surveys.

  • Save space for similar types of questions.


Here’s what a matrix survey would look like:



In this article, you will learn: 


How to Create a Matrix Survey


Step 1:  In your Qualaroo dashboard, click ‘CREATE NEW.’


create new survey


Step 2:  Select the nudge category.


select the nudge category


Step 3: Enter the target URL, and click the ‘Create’ button.


enter target URL


Step 4:  Enter your question in the text input field.


NOTE: You can provide a description to your question and make it mandatory to attempt by selecting the checkbox.

  enter your question


Step 5: Select the ‘Matrix’ option from the dropdown list in the answer type.


select the answer type


Step 6: Add and edit rows & answer option fields, respectively.


add left labels and answers

Step 7: Direct your survey to the next question/message screen under “Continue to” and edit the submit button text. Click “NEXT: TARGETING” to proceed further.


continue to targeting


How to Create a Matrix Survey With Left and Right Label


Bipolar type matrix survey lets you create a question label on both sides of the answer options (in the form of radio buttons). This allows the survey takers to answer a question within a rating scale.


Follow the steps below to learn how to create a bipolar type matrix survey


Step 1: In the EDIT section, navigate to “Rows” and select the checkbox to add the right label.


Step 2: Enter the name for both the left and right labels. Click “Add another row” if you want to add more rows. 


add right label


Step 3:  Enter the answer options in the text input field and click “Add another answer.” 


add answer options


Step 4: Select the next question/message screen under the “Continue to” option and edit the “Submit button.” Click “NEXT: TARGETING” to proceed further.


continue to targeting


Here’s how your survey will appear with the right label option


matrix survey left and right label


That is all about creating a matrix survey in Qualaroo.



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