How to Create a Native SDK Survey


With Qualaroo’s Native SDK tool, you can create and integrate surveys within your mobile apps. This help article will walk you through the steps to set up a Native SDK survey using Qualaroo, allowing you to collect valuable feedback from your app users.


Benefits of creating a Native SDK Survey:


  • Quickly set up your survey for both iOS and Android Native SDKs.

  • Create and deploy app surveys without any coding.

  • Seamlessly integrate Qualaroo surveys with various mobile apps.


Here’s what a native SDK survey would look like:


Native SDK survey Preview


In this article, you’ll learn: 


1. How to Create a Native SDK Survey

2. How to Target an SDK Survey

3. How to Customize the Design of Your SDK Survey


 How to Create a Native SDK Survey


Step 1: Click the ‘CREATE NEW’ button on the Qualaroo dashboard.


Createing a New Native SDK Survey


Step 2: Select the ‘Native iOS or Android Nudge’ tab. Then, select either ‘Choose Template’ or ‘New from scratch.’


Selecting the mode to create new survey


Step 3: Now, enter the App name and click on ‘Create.’


Step 4: Enter your survey name.


Adding the survey name


Step 5: Create your survey by adding the question and required answer options.


Step 6: Select the ‘Always show confirmation button’ checkbox to establish consistency within Mobile App surveys.


Checking the confirmation button display


 How to Target an SDK Survey


Step 1: Click ‘TARGETING.’


Navigating to the Targeting Section


Step 2:  Edit your survey alias name.


Entering a survey alias


Step 3:  Select the survey frequency to be visible to the responder.


Setting survey frequency


Step 4: You can also add niche targeting options using ‘custom property’ or ‘identity feature


Note: You will require the developer’s help for this step.


Deciding who to target


Step 5: Select HOW LONG the survey should appear on the mobile app.


Duration of survey


Step 6: Choose the response notification frequency and enter the email address you wish to receive the notifications on.


Setting up email notifications for responses


 How to Customize the Design of Your SDK Survey


Step 1: Click the ‘Design’ button.


Designing your Survey


Step 2: You can customize your survey:

  • Theme

  • Background, border, text, and button color.

  • Progress Bar

  • Logo


Design elements to Edit


Step 3: Click on ‘Save.’ 


That's all about creating a native SDK survey. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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